10 Surprisingly & Annoying Things that Happen to Women After Childbirth

Here are 10 things that occur in the weeks after giving birth that often come as a BIG, uncomfortable and painful surprise.
1. You may think you are ready, but when it happens, you totally aren’t
During pregnancy you have 9 months to emotionally, mentally, and physically prepare for delivering and having your child.
But some woman find that once they are in the delivery room, and the reality of being a mother sets in, you are never truly ready.
Don’t be surprised if you have a moment, or a couple hours worth of panic. That’s completely normal and very understandable.
2. Having a C-section doesn’t necessarily mean a painless delivery/recovery
There are many who would say that a C-section delivery is less painful that a vaginal delivery, but that is not necessarily true.
While in a vaginal delivery you can choose whether or not to receive an epidural, with a C-section you automatically get one. But this doesn’t mean you will not feel the pain of being cut open, or the pain from being stitched up afterwards.
Plus the stitches or staples (yes that’s right, staples) you receive after your C-section, will have to be removed, which can cause more discomfort and pain.
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