10 Things You Should ALWAYS Do For Her (No Questions Asked)


1. Shower her with flowers.

All grocery stores and most convenience stores sell flowers. Two dozen roses on Valentines Day is one thing—if not horribly cliche—but the man who comes through the door on a random weekday with a humble bunch of blooms in his hand is the man who blows his wife away.

Notice I said get flowers, not buy flowers. If you live in a city or it’s winter, buying is your only option, however, there are free flowers out there. Keep a cheap pair of scissors in your glove box and look for wildflowers by the side of the road. Any a*s-hat can slap down a credit card for cellophane wrapped plant life—’tis the real man who ventures from his vehicle to cut them for free from the side of the road on his drive home from a day’s work.

2. Make your own “honey-do” list.

We men keep lists in our heads. There are hundreds of things that need to be done around the house and we are aware of them. They’re on a list in our noggins—precisely where nobody can see them.

When asked about some neglected need—no matter how we answer—it’s assumed we’re bluffing.

Get out ahead of the bluff and make a short list. Grab a beer, a legal pad and a pencil, walk around the house and jot down some of the things that need doing. Don’t gloat, just do it. If she sees it great, if not—she’ll know all about it after you execute on number three.

3. Complete something on that list.

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Once you have the list, start crossing sh*t off. Let’s be honest—much of the stuff on that list won’t take long at all, so look it over and attack. When you’re asked, “what are you doing?” simply reply, “I’m crossing stuff off the list.”

If you’re not handy, you can call a professional about items on the list. The whole point here is to show that you’re invested in the desire to get things done and you’re willing to step up.

Be vigilant about attending to the list regularly. When you’ve finished the first, make another list. As long as you’re making—and devouring—lists, you’re much less likely to be given one.

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