13 Things Every Smart Woman Should Do Before She Turns 30

1. Travel the world.

Don’t just take brief trips around your state or in your home country. Leave your home bounds and experience culture. Culture is life’s greatest teacher. Think of all you can learn by soaking in the people, food and behaviors of another culture completely foreign to you. Travel abroad now and if you can, use your college status or alumni connections to make the travel cheap. Do this before you end up tied down to someone or having children.

2. Get an internship in the field you love.

A lot of people in their twenties intern, but typically at a practical job location. Branch out and work for free for some time for an industry, brand or task that you love. Don’t worry about the practicality; you would be surprised at how you can earn money doing what you love. If you try now, you have less risk at hand than you do as you get older.

3. Build and strengthen your family relationships.

If you aren’t close with your family as of now, work on it. As you get older you will find that you need family more often than you think. Even if there are bridges burned, repair them, unless the person is completely toxic.

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