3 Things we want Nollywood celebs to keep off the camera [We don’t want to see them]


Home is home and what is ours is ours… We can’t claim Hollywood as ours hence we love the Nigeria movie industry. We praise them for their continuous spontaneity and most especially for the passion they show in their works. Without doubt, Nollywood is a very successful industry, the nation cannot deny this fact, and this simply means that acting is serious business and should be taken as such.

Surprisingly, some Nollywood celebs do not take acting as seriously as we their fans take it. It’s so burdensome to sit back with hopes of enjoying some two hours of fantastic make-believe, when what you end up doing is noticing errors and pointing out mistakes. Of course, we do not expect perfection but we expect realistic ‘make-believe’. Convince us that you know what you are doing. Pretend you are the character you are trying to play. If you don’t do this, the aim of your labor is defeated even if your bank manager keeps smiling at you.

Now, there are some things that we would like you to keep away from the camera while on set, but the first two are a no-no, we don’t want to see them!

Your Dark Knuckles! There is nothing as repulsive as watching you gesticulate extensively with your badly burned knuckles on set. If you have gaffed already by peeling off your skin, please save us the annoying end result especially if you do not have a degree in bleaching like some of your colleagues. (Hi Bobrisky… Aunty Toke Makinwa is a pro actually) If you know your knuckles are bad market, please and please, fold your hands behind you as you go about the business of acting. Thank you.

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Your Tatted Bodies! In as much as we have nothing against doing what you please with your body, there is still something you need to know. If no one ever told you that theater is serious business, permit me to be the messenger; it is not just called make-believe for nothing. So if you are playing the role of a wretched old woman for instance and we keep catching a glimpse of a green and red butterfly on your cleavage, how convincing is your character, pray tell us?

Your Fake Accent! I must say that I am super proud of some actors, how they’ve been able to grow from learners of English to Professors of English! Not only this, how they can switch perfectly from Canadian to American and to British English just in one sentence. Their accents can actually cure depression. What they have forgotten is that there are real Professors of English watching and laughing even when you are not acting comic movies. Accepted that you cannot be Bimbo Akintola, please be yourself and save the accents for the red carpet. You represent yourself there.

Let the house rat listen and inform the bush rat…thank you for obliging your beloved fans, we love you eternally.


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