4 simple Reasons Why Some Married Men and Women Cheat

Check Out 4 simple reasons why married people cheat.
1. They no longer get what they expected from the marriage
Expectations are a good thing-they make you a visionary but they are also a bad thing because they make you assume a lot of things you should not. From both sides, there is an idea of what and how something should work. Marriage means, I get more $ex. Marriage means he or she will pay attention more. Marriage means I will have more of this and that until life happens; in the name of career and responsibilities. Someone is now married to work as long as they have given you the number of kids you wanted, they can now concentrate on other things.
One person ends up feeling neglected and in the end, cheat*ng happens. It is only so long before someone gets tired of begging for something when they are being offered by someone else.
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