The 8 Texts You Should Never Send To Your Ex

What else should be left unsaid? Below, divorce experts share the most damaging texts people send their exes.

1. “I miss you.”

Before you send a text saying “I miss you,” think about if you really miss your ex or if you’re just lonely and not used to being on your own, said Laura Miolla, a professional divorce coach based in Boston.

“That’s a confusing text to send after a divorce,” she said. “It’s vulnerable, but it’s also manipulative. It’s a classic push-pull that reinforces some kind of relationship, even if it’s not the kind you want, so that you don’t feel quite so lonely.”

Pause before you hit send and remind yourself how far you’ve come, said Miolla: “You need to let go of what isn’t serving you, so you can open the door to something that does.”

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