5 Ways Single Ladies Deceive Themselves About Delaying Marriage


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In today’s world, some single ladies are still being led to the garden path, regarding being a spinster for a long time, due to some factors, which could come back to hurt them.

What goes up and never comes down? The answer is ‘age.’ This is one of the riddles, children are taught in nursery schools.

1. Many of my friends are still single

The types of friends a lady keeps, say so much about her personality. A lady who keeps friends, who derive so much joy in singlehood and the freedom which comes with being single, may still see herself as a sweet-16, whenever she is being deceived by men and told she still looks young. In this way, she feels ecstatic attending birthday bashes, beach parties and night clubs, as well as attending to sugar daddies and travelling around the world.

One important thing to note and know is that everyone (both male and female) has a market value. When the market value of a person reduces, a few people show interest in that person. The market value of most single ladies is 10 years, and at most 15 years. This is why the topic of law of diminishing returns is studied in economics.

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