6 Sex Tricks Every Lady Enjoys in Bed

Getting your woman to feel like a woman can be so easy with these top tips that would expose all the secrets you need to be the real man. Here are six perfect tips for your reading pleasure.
1. A little Inversion
You’ll need a low bed, futon or couch for this one, and some cushions or pillows on the floor so she won’t hurt her head.
How: She lies on her back on the bed, then slides off the side so that her head, shoulders and upper back are over the edge and resting on the cushions. You move in and penetrate her, bracing yourself on the edge of the bed or whatever other furniture is available.
Why it works: the position stretches her belly, pulling the lips of her vagina so that your pen*s makes good contact with her clitoris. And her BR*ASTS will be close to your face, which is always nice.
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