7 Most Common Lies Women Tell in Relationships (You Are Guilty of No 1 & 4)

Even though no one wants to admit it, we all know that some women are prolific liars: Now read on.
1. Age
This perhaps is the commonest lie told by women and the reason why they do is not that far-fetched. I have dated girls from different age groups ranging from the 18-22 year old group and 24-29 year old group. I got to discover that those that fell within the 24-29 year old group lied more about their age. They always took off 2 to three years out of their original age.
Obviously, women lie about their age because they feel men are mostly attracted to younger women and would perceive older women as controlling. Despite the facade the media tries to create by trying to alter the perception of age. It’s a natural biological instinct for women to know when men are most attracted to them and once they are above the age when men swoon over them, they naturally try to remain attractive and lie about their real age which unfortunately, doesn’t work.
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