9 things married men need to stop doing, Like Right Now


In no particular order…

1. Getting more excited about Fantasy Football than you get about your wife and kids

As I’m writing this, it’s football season and I’m a fan, but I’m blown away at the amount of time, effort, energy, money and enthusiasm so many guys invest into Fantasy Football. Guys, “Fantasy” in the name, so it’s not even real. It’s okay to be fans, but let’s not live vicariously through pro athletes all football season long at the expense of our loved ones. Let’s be more excited about our real lives than our Fantasy stats.

2. Looking at P0*n

This one is going to step on a lot of toes, because millions of people (a majority of them men) look at P0*n regularly and see nothing at all wrong with it. In a nutshell, P0*n desensitizes us from real intimacy. It’s a form of virtual infidelity, and it’s a “gateway drug” towards other marriage-destroying behaviors. Marriage requires monogamy, and monogamy should be mental as well as physical. Instead of living in the fantasy world of P0*n, work to build stronger s*xual intimacy in your own marriage.

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