Check Out The Foods You Will Always Find At A Buka Or Mama-put

Because of the continued patronage, roadside eateries, popularly known as Mama put or bukateria, are on the increase in every nook and cranny of country. With mama put, we can combine delicacies in any ratio in accordance with the size of our purse such as amala 50naira, meat 100naira and so on. They equally offer a wide variety of food which tastes homely. Slickson has put together 5 foods you are likely to find in a bukateria.



Abula is basically a combination of two soups; gbegiri and ewedu.  Ewedu is a popular Yoruba soup made from Jute leaves while Àmàlà is a Nigerian food made out of yam flour and/or cassava flour. Yam flour is yam that has been peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour.

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