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Ronke Odusanya, aka Flakky Ididowo, is one actress who has remained consistent in performing and interpreting whatever role she is given. In this recent interview, she talks about her travails, controversies, personal life, among other things.

How has life been as an actress?

It’s been fun and a bit bumpy, but I bless God, I am still coping and managing.

Do you sometimes feel you are not celebrated enough?

Well, to a large extent, my opinion about that is funny. I say it’s funny because it’s not everyone that’s being celebrated that is doing well or doing what should be done. Some people pay to be celebrated. Some people deserve to be celebrated, while some people are still looking to be celebrated, so I don’t believe in the statement that everyone who is celebrated deserves to be celebrated

You just returned from South Africa where you acted in an English movie, what was it about?

A company called Total Recall contacted me about an English series project. He forwarded the script to me, I really liked the concept as I played the role of the main character – Victoria Macauley – a wife to a deceased man named Steve Macauley, it was a very major character for me because I played the character of a 48-year-old woman, with a daughter who is in her mid 20s and a son in his mid 30s.It was first of its kind for me.

I haven’t done something like that before, although I have featured in a few home videos and a few English soaps, it was a long time ago, it’s like a very big break for me in the English sector.


What was the transformation like having to act in an English movie?

First of all, I’ll like to correct the notion that Yoruba actresses cannot speak proper English. Naturally as an actor, if people have this opinion about you and they try to pass across a message to you, you have to work harder to do your best, if you are one who is not confident, you might do something you are not supposed to do or fake an accent which you don’t have.

Acting in English is not what I do every time, we shot about 980 scenes and I featured in about 800 of the scenes and I spoke in English in every scene, and it wasn’t easy in the first few days because my director is one who likes us to recite the words of the script word for word.

Was there any point in time when you felt like quitting when you were on the set of the movie?

There was a time I had not left the house where I was lodged for almost one month and it was getting crazy, at a point I was losing my vibe and when my director asked me what the problem was, I told him I was getting psychologically derailed and he told the crew that he would take us to Monte Cassino and we would rest and our brains will be refreshed.

There was a time you lost so much weight, was it in a bid to compete with other slim actresses?

There is no point competing with anybody because my body structure is different from that of some other person. I feel I was being overweight, coupled with the fact that my doctor advised me to slow down on my weight. There are also some roles that determine how you look and I had to get a little bigger because of the character of Victoria Macaulay in the new TV series, and immediately I got back, I started working on my size again.

You also went low key during your last birthday, which is unlike you, what happened?


I’m a naturally private and quiet person. I don’t like to be seen, but because of my job, I can’t avoid it totally, and sometimes I get to go for parties, but I am not a party person. I’m an introvert. It is a very bad part of me. I’m a very spiritual person and sometimes when I pray, I receive messages and just keep it low, I think it is working for me and I bless God.

Have you always been a white garment church member or you started going there because of the messages?

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No, I was born into a celestial church, but my mum is a pastor in Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), they pray a lot in the CAC, but I like the white garment church, probably because I was born there, I still like the church and it is not because of the messages they see and receive. Seeing messages is not peculiar to celestial church or Cherubim and Seraphim. CAC and others see messages, some people go there because they want to receive messages, but I am not here for that, I am also an ‘alore’– someone who goes into transit and sees visions.

Have you always been so spiritual or it just happened?

I have always been spiritual, since my university days, in fact they still call me for functions at Ago Iwoye, it didn’t just start now, it’s even my job that hinders me sometimes

How do you handle negative statements, especially now that we are in the social media age?

My sister, I must confess, it has not been very easy, especially when people hear things about you without waiting to hear your part before concluding. It is one part of the media I really don’t like. When you hear some things, part of it might be true and part of it may not be true.But I believe that God has a way of doing things for some reasons, probably one’s way of life might need some adjustments and checks and balances.

But there have been times when calls are put through to Yoruba actresses, especially and some start cursing…

People handle things differently, at least you will know you have done your part by calling him or her. I still think it’s best to find out before publishing.

There were some cases where someone called me to say they heard I was fighting Fathia Balogun over Pasuma and I was right beside Fathia in Osogbo, I had to give the phone to the person to speak with Fathia. You can imagine things like that. You don’t have to defame someone all in the name of getting your job done. I studied mass communication in school and I know a lot about journalism, I know journalists have to be creative to write catchy things, but  in doing that, one shouldn’t invade people’s privacy.

They said I snatched someone’s husband, did they even know what happened, do they know how many people have snatched mine too?

But if you are open to the public about some issues raised, things will be cleared…

You cannot satisfy everybody and in the course of me telling everybody what happened, someone else will say it’s a lie, it never happened. Imagine someone fighting over me at the beach, she said she knew me well, she never knew the person whom she was talking to was my cousin, she said I have two kids for Pasuma and was at the naming ceremony of the two children. I was shocked, because I don’t know when they got me pregnant not to talk of giving birth. What will you say to that? How do I defend that? This is why I don’t handle anything media.

So how has this been affecting your relationships?

Very negatively, there was a guy I met some time ago, who did not believe I did not have a son, all because I took a picture with my friend’s son and put it online. He kept arguing with me that I have a son.

Is that the reason why you haven’t said ‘yes’ to a man?

I will say ‘yes’ if I see.., but I haven’t seen. Is it the one I said ‘yes’ to, who gave me a ring but had another girlfriend somewhere and the ex-wife came and started saying I caused their divorce that I will say ‘yes’ to? This was a woman who left her husband for two years because he had nothing, and because people think actresses are always after money, I started helping the guy, and when she saw that her husband had two cars, and was better, she now came out after she left the house for two years and went to the media, not knowing that I serve a living God, I am still up and standing and doing better than I was then.

Credit: Nigerian Tribune

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  1. I think u should wet for God's time.

    May 23, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Being married is like having a best friend who doesn’t remember anything you say.

  2. kemisola

    May 23, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I so much love this babe, is bcos of u I watch Yoruba firm sometimes ..keep being you, I love the introvert part of u too, cos most of the mtn babes out there are just living a fake life.

  3. Ibrahim Abiola Fatimah

    May 24, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    Keep On Moving From Grace To Grace My Role Model.Getting Married Is God’s Time And I Believe The Lord Will Do A New Thing.

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    May 24, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    My dear sister, God time is the best.

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    wait 4 God own time be of good courage
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