HELP!!! I Feel So Guilty! Should I Tell My Wife I Had Séx With Her Mother While Drunk?


A guilty man is about to be swallowed up by the guilt of his mistake after he had s*x with the wife’s mother during a drinking bout.

Dear readers,

We got really drunk this weekend and my wife passed out on the couch. Her mom was over visiting and had started drinking with us as well.

Any way, she started feeling my chest jokingly at the dinner table and asked if I’ve been working out. I just joked along with her then she said you can return the favour you know? Like asking me to feel hers. I brushed it off and just had a few more shots and she asked me to dance, I agreed being music was still playing and I love to dance; so at first we were really spaced out then she turned around and started grinding on me. I let it happen, after…

I got carried away and before you know it, we’ve had s*x. Today, she stopped by and pinched my b*tt when I was cooking and smiled at me.

Should I just tell my wife or tell her mom it was a mistake and to stop? I don’t want to lose my wife. She is a nurse and makes a good deal of money and I’m still in school. Without her I would lose everything – truck, house, dog all of it. I’m 22 my wife is 21, her mom is 36.

What should I do?

Please I need your Advice.

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