If You Believe These 5 Lies About Men, You’ll NEVER EVER Find True Love


Here are some of the lies about men that you MUST abandon:

1. “Men are not interested in me as a person. They just want s*x.”

Yes, ladies. Men are s*xual beings, very often driven by their desires. Yes, they will have s*x with a woman just because she’s attractive. However, a man looking for a relationship (as opposed to a one-night-stand) is also looking for substance.

Do you have it? What do you bring to the table? Are you a passionate about something? Anything? Do you have hobbies, interests or issues that drive you?

If not, then yes, men will sleep with you and dump you first chance they get for someone who is equally pretty and good in bed. The difference is — this someone will captivate their attention and hold it. Can you do that?

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