In Pictures: Bride Who Showed Too Much Boobs In Wedding Dress Causes commotion


The bride just can’t wait to get rid of that dress after the wedding ceremony – she just wants her man to have a quick access when they about to get down! Don’t judge her! 🙂

Lol, that’s just me kidding, Imma be serious now……. WHAT THE HELL?! Who TF wears this as a bride to her wedding ceremony?! What do you think the parents of the groom will think? Or the groom parent’s guests?!

Dayum! This lady’s photo was shared on IG to show off her “beautiful skin, good hair and lovely bridal dress”, but rather than seeing all that, people were “seeing things” and that has caused a frenzy on IG!

People with mixed reactions – they’re saying the bride revealed just too much and it’s so inappropriate!


What are your thoughts though? Cool or nah?!

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