Never Ask This 20 Questions at the End of a Job Interview

Here are 20 questions you should avoid during the first job interview, as they may do more harm than good:
1. What does your company do? 
Questions like this will make you look unprepared. To avoid that, never ask anything that can easily be answered with a Google search.
2. What will my salary be?
Hold off on the money talk.
“Candidates have to walk a thin line between gathering information they need about a company and assuming they are going to get the position,” says Jesse Siegal, a senior managing director at The Execu|Search Group staffing firm.
Asking about money too early in the process sends the message that you’re arrogant and rude.
3. Will I have to work long hours?
This says, “I’m lazy.”
4. How soon can I take a holiday?
Planning your time off before you’ve even gotten the job sends the message that you’re not committed to the work.
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