Opeyemi Ayeola Is My Crush – Jamiu Azeez


Early this year, the news of a secret relationship between star actress, Opeyemi Ayeola and her junior colleague Jamiu Azeez leaked out and they both denied it.

The report then had it that the Yoruba movie industry has been ridden with all kinds of scandalous stories about shady relationships among colleagues and everyone is on the red alert.

The industry observers are now turning on their search light on the duo of actor and producer, Jamiu Azeez and colleague, Opeyemi Ayeola. The two have been spotted together in compromising situations on sets.


Both actors have denied if anything is ever between them, with Azeez saying that the only relationship between them is that of sibling love. He describes her as an older sister.

While a search of the Instagram account of Jamiu Azeez revealed numerous postings of pictures of both of them in embraces and arm locks, the actress only has a few of them.

The latest about the story now is that of the actor’s comments recently when Opeyemi marked her birthday.

He claimed that Opeyemi is her everything in life and she is her sugar rush. He posted the message on his social media account and your darling Yorubamoviegist.com wish to share it with you . Just take a look.

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