Pa Kasumu – I can’t go back to India for treatment because I’ve lost my passport, i don’t have money too


In recent times, a couple of Nollywood veteran actor have been suffering from one illness or the other. Village Headmaster actor Tunde Alabi is down with diabetes and his right leg up for amputation, Elder Maya lost his life to a liver related ailment.

Kayode Odumosu better known as Pa Kasumu, has debunked rumors circulating in that he has lost his sight due to deteriorating health. According to the veteran, the allegation is nothing but a figment of people’s imagination.

In a recent interview with Encomium magazine on Thursday, October 13, 2016,the Actor said:“There’s nothing like that, maybe because of the fact that they don’t see me often in movies.”

As regards his heath, Pa Kasumu gave  thanks to God for how far he has come with him but noted that he is yet to visit India again. He also added: “The only thing is that I have not been able to go back to India for further treatment and medical checks because I have lost my passport. Even, if I get the passport now, I don’t have the money to embark on the trip now. But I still hope to go any time God blesses me.”

In 2013, Pa Kasumu sought help from fans to make up his medical bills after he suffered a stroke that affected his vision. In September 2016, reports surfaced that he went blind and was moved from his Abeokuta residence to his sister’s home in Ibafo.

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