Ronke Oshodi-Oke escapes fatal accident

Ronke Ojo better known as Ronke Oshodi Oke was involved in a ghastly auto crash on Monday, May 9, 2016.

Ronke Ojo however, thanked God she came out unhurt. The busty entertainer spoke on this extensively in a phone interview with Tade Afisat.

We learnt you had an accident with your Honda Element jeep on Agege/Oshodi express way on Monday, May 9, 2016. How did it really happen?
It’s true I was involved in an accident along Agege/Oshodi express road on Monday, May 9, 2016, and it’s an unforgettable experience. But I just have to give glory to God for keeping me alive. It’s even a miracle that I came out unhurt, I was coming from Computer Village, Ikeja, facing Oshodi. As I got to PWD bus stop, a Naval Officer was coming out of the Air Force Base in Ikeja, Lagos with a pilot in his front.
The way the pilot came out was wrong, the driver was on high speed. I believe a responsible driver or motorist should understand that the road is narrow and very busy. So, he needed to have applied brake or drive slowly before coming out to the express road. The man just pulled into the road, and coincidentally, two trucks carrying 40 feet containers were coming at my back.
So, I had to park because the pilot had come out already, and the lane was narrow. As I was parking, one of the trucks just hit my jeep from the back. The thing became a kind of multiple accidents as two other vehicles were also affected, but it’s only my car that was badly damaged. But the most important thing was that I was not injured. Although, I was a little unconscious, I later regained consciousness.

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But you’re said to be seriously injured and rushed to a private hospital in Ikeja, Lagos. How true is it?
There’s nothing like that. It’s just a figment of people’s imagination. Maybe because of the state of my car that day and the crowd the incident attracted. I am very fine, nothing happened to me. Even, I didn’t lose a single drop of blood in the accident.
It’s a miracle and I give God the glory. Some even said a lot of things when they heard of the incident, but I thank God I am very much alive and kicking.
There was panic within and outside the industry on account of the death rumour associated with the incident. How do you react to this?
Yes, I also heard that I died in the incident. It’s a rumour. If that’s true will a dead person grant you an interview? I believe that’s just the price of fame. If anything happens to you as a celebrity, before you know, it might have been blown out of proportion.
I am a live, hale and hearty. Just like I said, not even a drop of blood came out of me. I thank God for His mercy and protection on me.

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Did you visit any hospital to confirm whether you sustained any internal injury?

I didn’t visit any hospital for anything because I am sure I am okay. There is no need for that at all. All I need is give glory to God and keep thanking Him.

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Immediately, the truck hit your jeep, what’s the state of your mind then?

Honestly, I thought I was dead already. I thought all was over for me. But I thank God it’s only my jeep that crashed.

What’s the state of the car now?
It’s under repair but those in charge are almost done with it. The car was taken to the nearby police station  along that route before we took it to where it’s being fixed now.

Did the Naval officer even notice any accident happened?
Yes, he saw the accident but didn’t even stop to sympathize with us, and he was part of the cause. To me, whatever might have happened that day, he was supposed to have stopped to express sympathy if at all he couldn’t do anything about it and he knew it’s his convoy that actually came out wrongly on that very busy road.
No matter what, he should have stopped to see what really happened to us, it’s annoying. That’s even the most annoying part of the whole scenario. Even some of his men or colleagues asked me to write him a letter to apologize to me, but I only decided not to. I just have to keep thanking God that I am safe.


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