Security Guard Caught Red-handed Stealing Bread After a Trap Was Laid for Him

A security guard has been caught publicly doing the exact opposite of the ethics he has been employed to uphold.

Peter Langat Kipkirui
Peter Langat Kipkirui, a security guard in Syokimau area, in the west of Machakos County, Kenya, has been arrested.
The man was arrested for stealing bread from a kiosk.
Peter who is a watchman at one GateWay mall in the area, has been allegedly terrorising the bread supplier in the area by stealing their supplies for almost two years now.
The owner of the Kiosk had enough and decided to lay a trap which busted Peter in the action.
According to Tuko, the kiosk owner placed the crates at a strategic place and waited for the thief to come only to see the watchman taking the bread.
As soon as he had picked the loaves, locals swiftly emerged descending on him with kicks and blows, before tying him to a pole.

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  1. Anonymous

    November 30, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Things are hard every dat is why paople are corrupt ordinary loave a hold security man is very poor ideal & stain to his image for beig as a thief where around he perform sorry & he need prayer with fasting

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