SEE 8 Best Sex Positions for Men with Smaller Manhood

The best Sex positions for men with a smaller package

For those on the smaller side, great $ex is all about finding the right positions that are tight and secure. Fun and challenging as they seem, you’re not going to want to be in crazy positions where your pen*s is prone to slip out or ones that don’t make her vagina feel filled up. We’re looking at 8 positions that’ll have you both banging to your hearts delight, size be damned!

#1 Doggy style. Aside from the oddly socially acceptable name, doggy style is one of the definite fun and n*ughty $ex positions that just makes you feel like a dirty boy getting it on with your equally n*ughty girlfriend. It’s also one of those magical positions that will make your pen*s feel bigger than it actually is.

That’s because doggy style allows for fantastically deep penetration and gives you complete control. Use the classic face down doggy position, or have your partner lay flat on her stomach and enter her from behind. A definite win/win!

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    wonderful positions

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