I Had Sex with a Popular Celebrity and He Gave Me an STD

A woman infatuated with dating celebrities has landed in trouble after having s*x with one and contracting sexually transmitted disease. She shared her experience below:

My name is Nonto and this is my story.

I met this celebrity and we had unprotected s*x and he gave me chlamydia. I haven’t had s*x in over a year so I know I’m not the one who gave it to him.

I’m really upset about it. But I shouldn’t have had unprotected s*x in the first place. I really don’t know how to go about telling this guy he gave me chlamydia.

I really want to make it known to him that HE gave it to me not vice versa. I didn’t have s*x for so long for fear of STDs and then I go and do something stupid like this.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should say to this guy without being awkward about?

Chlamydia is a very small parasitic bacterium which, like a virus, requires the biochemical mechanisms of another cell in order to reproduce. Bacteria of this type cause various diseases including tracheotomy, psittacosis, and non-specific urethritis.

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