Susan Peters Talks Life As A Married Woman & Battle With Weight Gain


Excerpt from a recent chat/interview with Nollywood actress Susan Peters

How has life as a married woman been?

It is a different thing entirely. The things I used to do as a single lady, I can’t do them anymore.

What are some of those things you no longer do?

Just the normal things you want to do as a single lady, you can’t do it because people will talk. People will say she’s married. So I tend to be cautious when I do anything at all.

What has marriage changed about you?

Nothing! I’m just adding weight. I don’t understand (Laughs).

Why have you been adding weight? Has it entered?

Huh? Why are you asking? What’s your own? You will see it when it gets bigger, so wait.

Susan Peters is expected to deliver her first child before September.

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