The Secret Of My Successful Marriage To Olu Jacobs – Joke Silva


Nollywood star actress Joke Silva is happily married to star actor Olu Jacobs.

Nollywood most experienced couple, Joke Silva explained what has helped them come this far.

See excerpts from her interview with Daily Telegraph:

“One of the things that have kept us together is respect for each other. Second is forgiveness for each other.

Joke Silva & Husband (Olu Jacobs)

Joke Silva & Husband (Olu Jacobs)

I think it’s so key even for the young people who are getting married now. Sometime you hear things like, ‘haaa Mummy Jay, I can never forgive him for what he did to me or no I will never forget it in my life. Fine, you are entitled to your anger, you are entitled to it.

Over the years, I have realised that you must forgive each other. When Christ was asked how often does one forgive his brother in the bible? He said 70 times 70 times. It is in marriage that you do that 70 times 70 times.

If you don’t learn to forgive each other honestly it’s not going to work because neither of you is perfect. And I think also one of the things that we’ve learnt, we were not always like that, but we’ve learnt over the years to be honest with each other, to be honest about our feelings to each other”.

As a star actress married to an equally effervescent actor, Joke, reveals what it’s like at home. Away from the glitz of stardom, back at home, Joke and Olu are just ordinary persons doing what your next door neighbour does daily.

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“It’s as simple as that. At home I’m simply Joke and not a celebrity. The same goes for Olu.”

Three decades and counting yet this couple doesn’t show signs of waning attraction for each other.

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