These 8 Nigerian Pastors Will Make You Stop Going To Church

It is so sad that some Nigerian pastors have decided to drag God’s name in the mud. A good number of them have been caught in compromising situations. When caught, they blame it on the devil.

Most pastors do not have the fear of God anymore. They are more concerned about satisfying their selfish desires, forgetting that they are supposed to be a good example to their followers.

When you find so called men of God indulging in some untoward things, you begin to wonder if there are still genuine ones out there.

Below are 8 times some Nigerian pastors have allowed the devil to use them.

1. Pastor Caught With Human Meat And Fetish Items


What is a man who calls himself man of God doing with human meat and fetish items? In May, social media was thrown into frenzy when one Pastor Adeniyi Johnson of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel was caught with human meat and some fetish items. Upon interrogation, he said got a divine instruction to go and share the meat to save his dying son.

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