TOP 10 Kinds Of Guys That Find It Difficult To Approach Ladies

Now I shall discuss the kinds of guys that find it difficult to approach/woo a lady

1. V!rg!n Guys

Some of us are not very confident and are usually very timid when it comes to expressing our love for a lady we deeply love. Though some of us may form badoo on social media but other there, when locked up inside the room with a lady, all we discuss is Olajumoke, the bread seller, and Saraki, who declared fake assests.. Often times, when I see a lady I deeply love, the thought of approaching her troubles me that I will have to hide somewhere and will beg my friends to woo her on my behalf

2. Scholars

Believe it or not, most scholars tend to have boring social life. This is because they focus on their books more than anything else. Though ladies flirt with them for academic prevalence. After graduation, some of them may not even be able to approach a lady. Na their mumsy dey woo on their behalf. The worst scenario is that some of them will bag first class and may not be able to locate where the kitty cat is, at the age of 35 .

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