Top 5 Funniest Yoruba Movie Actors

Check out the top 5 funniest Actors in the Yoruba movie industry.

– Odunlade Adekola


Abeokuta based Actor, Odunlade Adekola is definitely on this list, even though his roles in movies can be unpredictable, certain times he has brought to us his side of comedy in all movies. Many people always want to see him in movies just to laugh and get that relief. He featured in movies like, ‘Sunday Dagboru’, ‘Opa kan’  ‘Alapa stainless’ and ‘Samu Alajo’

– James Olanrewaju (Baba Ijesha)

James Olanrewaju (Baba Ijesha)

James Olanrewaju (Baba Ijesha)

James Olanrewaju Omiyinka popularly known as Baba Ijesha is on the list as this Actor has made us laugh over and over again. With Ijesha accent, Baba Ijesha most times take the role of a gateman, driver or he’s just causing an hilarious scene somewhere in the movie. He has starred in movies like, ‘Baba Masoko’, ‘Baba Mario’, ‘Gelede’, ‘Opolo’, ‘Sagba di’

– Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin)

Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin)

Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin)

Born October 4th, Bolaji Amusan also called Mr Latin has to be one of the most respected geniuses in the Yoruba movie industry. After his emergence in 1988, he has been able to maintain a certain level till date. One thing people always watch out for is his comic character. He has a special skill to make any sad man laugh to the belly. Mr Latin is known for countless movies, some include, ‘Alakada’ ‘Baba Insurance’ and ‘Ofin Mose. Notable also is the fact that Odunlade and Mr Latin love to appear in the same movie as father and son.

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–  Olatayo Omokade (Ijebu)

Olatayo Omokade (Ijebu)

Olatayo Omokade (Ijebu)

Anyone who doesn’t know Olatayo Omokade also known as Ijebu is certainly not a fan of Yoruba comedy. Ijebu is one the funniest guys in movies ad far as the Yoruba Movie industry is mentioned. Through handwork and consistency, Ijebu has managed to keep up with the pace of high witty roles in movies. He can be funny especially when placed side by side with one of the above Actors. Just like Baba Ijesha, Ijebu also possess a funny Ijebu accent and many who understand him well just keep rolling on the floor at every statement he utters. He recently welcomed his bundle of joy with his wifey (See here). ‘Kofo Tinubu’, Akoni ‘Sikira Alako’ are some movies he featured in.

– Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri)

Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri)

Olaniyi Afonja (Sanyeri)

Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri is our number one on this list. What else can make a character funnier? From his skin hair cut, to his tribal mark and height, Sanyeri has everything to crack your ribs. He’s so funny to the extent that a first look at him would make you laugh. He has few fixed role which includes, gate man role, troublesome villager, stubborn son or the rejected boyfriend. However, you could find him picking up other roles in movies and he never disappoints people in his movies, always funny. He starred in, ‘Opa kan’, ‘Aweda’ (With Odunlade), and so on

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