Top 5 Nigerian Singers Who Dumped Rap For Pop Music

See, not every pop star started out singing and composing smash hit singles. Some of the biggest pop stars today started out as rappers. Let’s highlight the top pop stars who were once rappers… Let’s know if we missed out any names!


1. eLDee- When the history of Nigerian Hip Hop is written, eLDee will undoubtedly have more than a few pages. Unknown to many of eLDee’s younger fans the former leader of the rap group Trybesmen not only laid the blueprint of the modern Nigerian rap sound but was the first to go the Alaba route. In his rap days, eLDee helped kick start the careers of some of today’s biggest rappers which include Sasha, Blaise and 2 Shotz. He was no slouch on the mic either as he held his own with rhyme partners Freestyle and Kaboom. But now, he has quit spitting bars; choosing instead to be a singer, with so many hits under his belt. Once in a while though he still lets the rapper in him come out.

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