Yewande Adekoya And Kunle Afod In Trouble With Marketers


According to Yoruba movie gist, two Yoruba movie stars cum producers, Kunle Afod and Yewande Adekoya aka Omo Elemosho have been banned by the Yoruba Video Film Producers/Marketers Association Of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN) over their unethical practices.

In recent time, the association’s role as a watchman in the industry became complex at the advent of technology enhanced medium of distribution on the internet and other media.
The association has watched with concern the level of lawlessness going on the internet and have waited till now to ascertain the quarters where the association should apply its usual control mechanism.
Therefore, YOVIFPMAN has now noted with dismay the emergence of stakeholders whom it acknowledged as practitioners in the industry but are operating in areas where they are not assigned.The association has now identified Kunle Afod and Yewande Adekoya as two of such practitioners that are grossly involved in the unethical and unprofessional act of loading and distributing all manners of films on the internet either censored or uncensored.

 This, the association has decided not to standby and watch not only from a business encroachment perspective of such an act but in order to protect the general public from exposure to inappropriate content,which is a part of the approved responsibility of YOVIFPMAN. In as much as the association has no control over individual’s input on what goes online or stop them from acting and producing, Kunle and Yewande have however been given an indefinite suspension from participating in any business dealings with YOVIFPMAN at any level in the industry. This ban, also includes any job of their associates i.e artistes, editors, crew members etc where they (Kunle Afod and Yewande Adekoya are  involved.

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